Tears of the Mermaid
Rare & Common Beach Glass from Barbados

About the Artist - Carol Rhea Janca (CJ)

Carol is a singer, songwriter (Americana genre), scuba diver, master hair stylist, and vegetarian.

Her concern for humans and animals leads her to volunteer at a local food bank and animal shelter and to be active in the KIVA (www.kiva.org) micro lending program as well as an avid supporter of OPERATON SMILE (www.operationsmile.org). Some of her profits from Tears of the Mermaid are donated to research for finding a cure for Bi-Polar Disorder.

Carol’s most compelling passion (besides music) is collecting sea glass in Barbados.

She is always “looking down” while slowly walking from South to North along the West coast of Barbados.

The glass in Barbados is mostly English in origin and ranges in age from the late 1600’s to present day. On rare occasions she finds Arawak and Tainos pottery shards, English, and Dutch, ceramics and on very rare occasions, Spanish clay jar shards. She has recently made several excursions to the East coast for a selection of beautiful perfectly smooth beach pebbles.

CJ’s goal is to collect at least one month per year until she and her husband Phillip (who helps with glass collection but only keeps calcareous tube worm casts for himself) are able to return to live there on a permanent basis. On her last sea glass collection trip she made a low-tech collection device from a broomstick and tea strainer, which allowed her to snorkel in deeper water and collect without making hundreds of surface dives per day.

On her first day of each collection trip CJ starts a new “fetish” which grows as each day passes.

Day One Fetish

Day Ten Fetish (everything else was eaten)